Kray Z Comics and Stories 390: January Previews

The government is still on Shutdown, Joe is still home recovering, Cory!! is still using his home as a place to get changed and showered between jobs and it’s time for us to talk Previews! Previews is the monthly magazine that has ALL of the comics being solicited for March, and every month, Cory!! and Joe talk about the exciting things in the catalog like new series, collected editions, original graphic novels and more!

Why they love Scud the Disposable Assassin

A discussion on special and incentive covers, for Detective 1000.

They talk about the trades and omnibussseses they are interested in, and this month is the Heroes Reborn omnibus is discussed.

Cory gives actual comics investing advice

Cory discusses the big Humble Bundle that gives a TONNE of comics from Dynamite comics

All of this, the usual shenanigans, and much, much more.


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