Kray Z Comics and Stories 79: Hamster Dance

Joe picked the theme again, so it sucks. We have decided to let the listeners decide, so let us know what theme YOU would like us to stick with! There’s a lot gong on in this episode including:

  • -The upcoming Minnesota Conventions
  • -Cory’s adventures with Russian hackers
  • -William Shatner Going Commando
  • -Comics that Joe picked up to read while in Vegas
  • -A man who is putting together a complete collection of everything DC has ever published
  • -Specific collections, Joe with Photo covers, Cory with Ecs, Marvel monster reprints, and Black and White magazines.
  • -Cory talks about a friend who’s collection dream was a complete run of the Avengers and how it saved a comic shop
  • – Geeking and Freaking
  • -Cory talks about the Comics Bulletin interview with Don McGregor about his Black Panther run.
  • -Don McGregor’s work at Warren
  • -Joe talks about the latest Star Trek novels
  • -Cory talks about the current Spider-Man comics and Walt Simonson on Avenges
  • -Joe went to see the Blue Man Group
  • -Grant Morrison’s leaving DC and super-hero comics
  • -Star Trek conventions

And proverbial much much more as well as the usual shenanigans.


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