Kray Z Comics and Stories 80: Star Trek Con Job

It’s a very special episode! No, that doesn’t mean that Blossom is having her special “woman time”, it’s that we’re going to talk Star Trek! It’s all Star Trek all the time for this episode! But first, we have a NEW cast member, who is introduced in this episode and will be with the cast from now no, so give him a nice Big Kray Z Welcome, everyone!

Special Notice: We have to apologize, as Joe’s connection got a little weird at times, so there are a few times when what he is saying is fuzzy. Which kind of fits, as Joe is pretty fuzzy, to be honest. Not as fuzzy as Cory, but fuzzy nonetheless.

Joe talks about why he decided to hit the Star Trek Convention in Vegas (he didn’t want Cory to make fun of him) and they discuss Star Trek for the entire episode including:

  •  How both Cory and Joe were introduced to Star Trek
  • The Gold Key Star Trek comics of the late 60’s and early 70’s
  • Our reaction to the first movie when it came out
  • The Marvel Star Trek and why it wasn’t very good.
  • Joe then gives us his report on the Vegas Trek Convention

All of this, plus the usual shenanigans in this week’s Very Special Podcast!


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