Kray Z Comics and Stories 81: I Am Baytor!

It’s a Big News week as well as a special almost ALL Geeking and Freaking special! You got Spider-Man turning 50, the return of Doctor Who, rain in Las Vegas, Joe returning to St Paul in two weeks, Rob Liefeld leaves DC, Joe tells how to get free root beer at the MN State Fair and new about the much bigger Fall Con!

Tales from the shop, where we discuss BAYTOR!!

And in the Geeking and Freaking special, we discuss

  • The Massive
  • Yellow Submarine
  • eBay
  • Season ending cliffhangers
  • Star Trek
  • DC Clearing out it’s Archives
  • EC Fanzines and the EC Convention of 1972
  • Whatever happened to fanzines and APAs?
  • Godzilla 50 Years War
  • Cloverfield
  • Planet Hulk and World War Hulk
  • What is a Mopee?

All this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much much more.


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