Kray Z Comics and Stores 472: DCeased

Breaking news! DC comics suffered an attack by their corporate overlords and at least 1/3rd of their staff have been laid off as Warner Communications had massive layoffs throughout the entire company. DC Universe had their entire staff laid off, DC Direct (the collectible toy division) was shut down, and the rumors of other changes are flying.

Cory!! and Joe break down the news, go over what it means for comics fans, comics shops and the future of DC comics

  • 20 – 25% of the comics line will be cut
  • The first round of cancellations have been announced
  • Who are the new people in charge of DC now?
  • What is DC’s “Two Year Plan”
  • Black Label is esse4ntially dead
  • Why are there so many new Batman spin off characters?
  • Why major companies see Streaming as the future, even if it is not a good options for comics according to Joe
  • What was the reason it took cable TV so long to make it out into most places
  • How to understand corporate changes when they happen no matter the company
  • Joe invents the phrase “Sticking their nose out at you”

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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