Kray Z Comics and Stories 473: August Previews

It’s that time again! No, not time for you to send Cory!! pie, although it’s always a good time to send Cory!! pie, no, it’s time for Cory!! and Joe to go through Previews!

Previews is the monthly catalog for the comics industry and every month, they go through pointing out new series, cool collected editions and other things that you MAY want to order from your local comic shop. They also discuss:

  • Joe has FINALLY started watching Ring of Honor
  • Why things are delayed this month
  • Cory goes into comics economics
  • Cory has to do DC all on his own. ALL ALONE!
  • What may Cory buy even though he already has it as a comic, a trade and a omnibus?
  • What was “Fantastic Four The Lost Adventure”
  • What is Cory’s favorite Rush album
  • Joe discusses a magazine that it worth HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS if you have the later issues.
  • Who is Bill Stinky Witch?

All of this, the usual shenanigans, a possible new segment, and much, much more!


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