Kray Z Comics and Stores 500: Investing in Comics

It’s a big anniversary! Cory!! and Joe welcome Dangerous Dan Mohr for this special episode celebrating 500 episodes of comic book goodness!

This week, they discuss comics that are good investments! The rules are simple: Three books from each era, maximum of $10,000 per book, comics that we feel are good investments.We divide them into these ages:

  • Modern Age: 2000 – Now
  • Copper: 19865 – 1999
  • Bronze: 1970 – 1985
  • Silver: 1956 – 1969
  • Atomic: 1947 – 1955
  • Golden: Up until 1946

The also discuss:

  • Joe talks about high end investors and how they come up with their books
  • Joe also gives pure investment advice and how to make money off of flipping books on eBay
  • Grandpa Dan Mohr helps Wolfie celebrate our 500th episode
  • What is Poor Man’s Gold when it comes to comics?
  • Grading is discussed in DETAIL, even how comics grading has evolved over the years.
  • Most expensive books in each age
  • The story of the Mile High Comics Collection
  • Why are there only 3000 copies of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic?
  • When can a high dollar comic NOT be a good investment?

All of this, extra shenanigans and so much more in this massive Anniversary Episode!


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