Kray Z Comics and Stories 120: Marvel Now, Now

Joe’s getting paid for working, Cory is working all the time, but they still made time to create a new Podcast for you! Joe fills us in on how the government shutdown affected him, Cory discusses his concerns about how Skype is messing with how you record calls. But they get right down to talking about comics, which will surprise pretty much anyone who has heard this show before. They also talk about:

  • The Great Comics Sort of 2013 – Joe going through his comics and discussing the books he finds
  • The books recommended in the DC Question series from the 80’s
  • Joe and Cory go through the “Marvel Now” books to talk about what ones they like, what ones they don’t and how they feel about the whole initiative.
  • Have the threats super-heroes fight become TOO big?
  • Freaking and geeking
  • Hanging at the home
  • Cory demonstrates his super-villain laugh

All this and the proverbial much, much more!


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