Kray Z Comics and Stories 133: Sarlacc Toilet

It’s daylight saving time and Joe and Cory!! start the episode talking about Nitro Burning Funny Cars! They also talk about FREE COMICS given away at SXSW, a cheap month of Marvel Unlimited and as Marvel’s digital announcements there. They also discuss:

  • A bundle of 100 digital comics for $10
  • Ashcans! No, not things to put garbage into, but there were some by Rob Liefeld, so…
  • Joe’s eBay stuff as well as charity stuff
  • Joe talks about when comics sold better in the summer and if that is still the case
  • Cory’s hate for Secret Wars II
  • Joe brings up a Sarlacc pit toilet and his internet shuts down in response
  • Freaking and Geeking

All of this and the ever present much, much more!


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