Kray Z Comics and Stories 39: Bottom Feeders

It’s a much delayed due to a hospital stay Kray Z Comics and Stories, and by now, Cory!! is so gun-shy about starting the show and being interrupted that he hesitates all through the opening. For good reason, as Joe interrupts to plug the MNCBA SpringCon, where Joe and Cory!! Will be appearing! They interrupt the plugs to talk about how polybags are coming back, Joe playing Facebook games, and wondering why Joe looks like his wife beat the crap out of him. You want to know why Joe has a huge gash above his eye as seen in the picture on his Facebook? LISTEN TO THE DAMN SHOW ALREADY!!

Since we were talking about injuries, Cory!! tells a story having to stitch up an injury with super glue, just like he was working at ECW back in the 90’s. His story, although finished for the most part, is interrupted by the Sad Music. Now the concept of Sad Music is stolen (as well as the crickets, sponsors and Joe being a wandering Hobo) from Wrestlecrap Radio, and if they want to ask us for it back, they can ask. Then, we’ll just steal for Car Talk or Howard Stern. It’s like real radio, where everyone is a thief anyway. The sad music is playing because Cory’s beloved Tivo, with 90 hours of televised crap on it, has died. After the morning period, Cory declared “Video bankruptcy” and Cory and Joe discuss the idea of just giving up on buying/getting new media (books, movies, etc…) because they just will never have time to get to them in their lifetime. Joe even did that with his comics back when he owned the comic shop.

This leads to a discussion of Bottom Feeders, people who come in for extreme sales to buy tons of comics for whatever reason. As we discuss these sorts of buyers it leads into Tales From The Shop:

Tales from the Shop is sponsored by Chris B.  So go to Chris’s website, sign up for the mailing list, buy the music and let her know that comics fans like good music too!

Our tale from the shop is “What did Cory do on the last day of Joe’s shop?” He fulfilled a lifetime fantasy on the last day there. No, not THAT fantasy, you sick bastards. Cory then talks to Joe about working at Shinder’s and digging through the back issues and marking up the cheese for the quarter bins. This leads to Joe talking about buying comics from “The Throat”. Don’t ask. In fact as I look over what I’ve written, the whole damn show is a double entendre waiting to happen.

We talk about some other people who would buy cheap comics in bulk for various reasons. We also discuss other fans who dig through bargain bins for various reasons. You would think the show would be done by now, but you’re wrong!

Cory picked up the new issue of Previews and is about ready to give an old fashioned rant, but Joe interrupts (sense a theme here?) to complain that Cory hasn’t sent him anything to read yet. We get to the rant and then discuss the stuff we’ve been reading lately, so we end with what we’ve been reading lately. Now, go listen to it!


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