Kray Z Comics and Stories 225: Writers V Artists IN A STEEL CAGE!

Joe and Cory!! aren’t exactly filled with Christmas cheer as they complain about the worst song ever and the endless Christmas movies Cory!! is subjected to. Don’t worry, the comic talk starts soon. Really, we promise. They give a rundown of their time at the Holiday Geek Expo, which they talked about a couple of episodes ago. You remember that, right?

OK, if you don’t, don’t tell Cory!! He thinks people pay attention to this stuff.

They talk about some of the more interesting vendors at the Holiday Geek Expo. And, oddly, Cory!! doesn’t mention the extra hot woman who was trying to sell him a vest. Weird. Normally, he doesn’t shut up about that stuff. They also talk about:

The main theme of the show them discussing the current twitter war with comics professionals about who is more important in comics: Writers vs Artists.

  • and search for She Is The End
  • They talk about how they feel when people don’t have prices marked on books or other merch
  • They also hit comics shops after the show, so they discuss the stuff they saw and bought.
  • What bags are best for preserving your comics
  • Who DOES deserve the credit for creating a comic books in the mainstream corporate system
  • Why Cory!! didn’t care for Image’s business practices when it started up
  • How comics creators can work a different model to get their work out and the retailer’s part in all of it
  • Freaking and Geeking

    All of this and much, much more!


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