Kray Z Comics and Stories 227: Geek Expo Team Up

It’s the Holiday Geek Expo podcast! Joe’s wasn’t there on Saturday, so instead it’s Cory and Butch talking comics! We’ve also got a short chat with friend of the show, moviemaker, artist and a hell of a good egg Thommy Lange! Butch and Cory!! discuss team up comics and it all goes out of control from there:

  • Dan and Wolfie drop by to talk about their favorite Hercules team-up story
  • How Butch Guice got “let go” from Marvel
  • Mickey Rooney playing the most racist character of the 1960’s
  • Comics involving Mr. T
  • Cory’s story of his first encounter with Joe
  • How the Russians went after the podcast back in 2012
  • Why Rob Liefled doesn’t listen to the podcast
  • Superman vs Spider-Man and other Treasury comics
  • Cory can’t remember Al Bundy’s name
  • Early Fox Network failures
  • Anthology TV and comic book series
  • Why we love Angel Medina

All of this, a special holiday message, some unusual shenanigans and much, much more. Go listen already, it’s not like it costs anything!


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