Kray Z Comics and Stories 238: White Castles and Paleo Porn

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We start off with Joe demanding Girl Scout cookies and talking about the Oscars for some damn reason. Cory!! EVENTUALLY gets Joe and Jin to talk about the Graphic Novel Paleo, Jim Larson’s graphic novel about Dinosaurs. They also discuss comics news and other things like:

  • How much they REALLY love the art in Paleo and Jin talks about different inking techniques
  • Jin discovers the pages about dinosaur mating. And hilarity ensues
  • It’s a good thing that none of them know about the weird novels about dinosaurs sleeping with women. WHICH IS A REAL THING!!
  • Giving children a dinosaur fetish
  • Deadpool with a rated X movie
  • Should there be an R-rated Superman or Batman movies?
  • What Cerebus background artist Gerhard has been up to lately
  • They discuss art swiping
  • Marvel bringing back Timely Comics
  • Jin’s epic White Castle Rant

All 0f this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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