Kray Z Comics and Stories 237: X-Files Wrapped In Mylar

Joe, Jin and Cory!! talk about X-Files Season 11 Volume 1, and then they talk about how to store your comics and original art. Should you bag and board your comics? If so, what kind of bags should you use? And what about original comics art, how should THAT be treated. They also talk about slabbing comics and what goes into it. Our team of talkers discuss this topic and many, many others such as:

  • They read a fan letter! THEY GET FAN LETTERS??
  • They discuss the stuff on the new digital channels. Yeah, that has nothing to do with comics, so you’ll skip past it.
  • Why some artists dislike “talking heads” scripts.
  • Jin’s birthday was last week, but we recorded the day before, because of editing and scheduling stuff. DEAL WITH IT!!
  • Why some of Gil Kane’s art is not going to last
  • Cory!! discusses how comic grading became a quantified art and some shops HATED the Overstreet Comics grading guide
  • The now dead art of Restoring old comics
  • An all new Ask the Strode

All of this, a bunch of comics history and the proverbial much, much more!


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