Kray Z Comics and Stories 49: Butts and Wits

We jump right in by talking about how Conan didn’t light the box office on fire, and more on the way Cowboys and Aliens made it’s way to the screen and eBay fame. This leads to a discussion of Mark Millar, The Simpsons, Squeak the Mouse and comics too violent to be imported into the US. This leads to…

Tales From The Shop, sponsored by Chris B, and we go into more detail on our contest to write lyrics for the Tales from the Shop Theme!

We quickly move to the bad guys in Hostess ads, Joe buying comics at Hastings and Cory keeps wondering how he gets from New Mexico to Wisconsin so quickly JUST TO BUY COMICS, and then they read the ad that DC Comics has given comic shops to promote the new 52 #1s!!!

Weirdly enough, this leads into Joe talking about buying ads for his old comic shop on TV and then into the secret history of the cable access show they were on in the 90’s called Collectin’ Stuff and how it is connected with Professional Wrestling! All this and the usual shenanigans!


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