Kray Z Comics and Stories 50: 50!

What specialness will Joe and Cory!! have on their fabulous 50th episode?

NONE! It’s too much work! Although we DO give you the secret to scoring free root beer at the Minnesota State Fair.

Joe starts talking about the trend of people taking old team-up books and making team-ups that never happened, like The Thing and Futurama, Batman and the Boba Fett and putting them up on the internet. Joe has WAY too much time on his own in New Mexico. And the people who makes these, why don’t they have jobs that would keep them too busy for such silliness?

And since people love it so much, we delve right into Tales From The Shop, sponsored by Chris B. Now, go to her website, but a CD, sign up to get e-mails on her upcoming gigs and tell her you’re damn happy she’s supporting Tales From The Shop! Oh, and we talk about how YOU could get on the podcast AND win a copy of Clan Destine by Alan Davis. Come on, we need lyrics ya lazy bums!

We tell the long awaited when we locked a customer in the shop Story!! And yes, it DOES contain information on a Spam Pizza, “I like-a Superman”, and other odd customers that would come into the shop. There is a LOT of information here about what shops do when people abandon their comics, why shops used to ignore a lot of small press comics, how we put a waitresses child through college and people being told by their sisters to buy their comics.

We also discuss discounts, shipping issues, Ape Nuts, Spawn, companies soliciting books that they know they won’t ship, Ultraverse advertising, Hurricanes, Peter David’s new book, our crickets, stuff Joe’s wife shouldn’t hear, Netflix and the proverbial Much More more and the usual shenanigans!


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